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How To Play Quicktime Movies on DITC

Most pages in DITC have one or more QuickTime™ movies ready for you to view. By clicking on the control buttons immediately below the movie's screen, you can:

Change the volume during replay
Play or pause the movie
Slide the round button to skip to another part of the movie
Move backwards and forwards frame-by-frame through the video clip. NOTE: Rapidly clicking on either button achieves a slow-motion playback effect
Change selected Quicktime settings

When playing any movie, you can note the movie's clock in the lower right-hand corner of the screen. Use this time feature to refer to a specific section of a DITC video when discussing them with colleagues. Also, check for questions at the end of movies for reflection or discussion with others.

Loading Times
QuickTime lets you see how much of a movie file has loaded into your computer's memory. Notice that the slide bar area (3) initially may be white, and will fill in with a gray from left to right as the movie gets loaded into memory. This is a fast operation if you are using DITC on disk or via high-speed internet connections, but it is noticeably slower with cable modem and is intolerably slow with dial-up modem. If you are experiencing slow loading times, request a DVD-ROM, DVD-movie or VHS-tape version of DITC in Other Formats.

Download the QuickTime Player
To play a DITC video movie you must have Quicktime installed on your system. If not, the system will let you know how to download the program. Go to http://www.apple.com/quicktime/download to download Apple's most current version.
Download the QuickTime player

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