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Using Design In the Classroom (DITC)

You can access DITC content via its three blue tabs and the items that appear under each when clicked (an alternate way to navigate DITC is by using the Sitemap, described below):

  • helps you set up and navigate DITC
  • lets you view the six design activities at work in the classrooms featured in DITC
  • gives more general information related to the design process and teaching strategies for supporting student design
More DITC features can be had by clicking on the gold-bar links at the top of any page on the site. These include:
  •  Home  takes you to the Design In The Classroom (DITC) opening page.
  •  About DITC  gives information about the people who have helped make DITC a reality, and PI contact info.
  •  Movie List  identified the key players featured in DITC -- expert teachers, designers, engineers, and educators.
  •  Links  gives URLs and access to web sites that are related to using design activities with students.
  •  Bibliography  gives listings of articles referenced in DITC by title or author, with full citation information.
  •  Movie Comparison  lets you do side-by-side comparisons of pre-selected DITC movies, or search through the complete list of the DITC video collection.
  •  Site Map  provides a clickable list that shows all of DITC's pages and its organization.
  •  Search  lets you do exact-word searches through DITC' and its materials.

Under the Using DITC tab, you can learn of ways to get the most out of DITC. These include:
  •  Page Layout  provides an interactive map of the layout and kinds of information found in a typical DITC page.
  •  Playing Movies  Find out how to control and get the most out of playing DITC's QuickTime movies.
  •  DITC in Other Formats  A browser is not the only way to play DITC movies. Find out about ways to see DITC videos on VHS tapes and DVD movie disks.
  •  System & Software Requirements  gives a summary of what you need to access DITC's video, and document-based resources.
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