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DITC in Other Formats

Waiting to load DITC's digital movies over the Internet can be a painful process if you use a modem to access the website (http://www.cc.gatech.edu/projects/DITC). Switching to higher speed a cable-modem or ethernet system is one solution, if it is available to you. Another approach is to get a disk copy of DITC onto your harddrive -- this requires about 2.3 GigaBytes of spare storage space to hold DITC's 12 hours of video and 230 HTML pages on your computer.

A non-computer approach to view some DITC movies is to request the DVD of DITC two-disk set, which can be viewed with standard DVD player and TV monitor. You can request copies of the DITC materials in a number of digital recorded formats. These include:

• DITC website on 3 CD-ROM disks (must be copied onto harddrive)
• DITC website on 1 DVD-ROM disk (can be played from disk or copied to harddrive)
• DVD on DVD version of Design In The Classroom.

Email your request for DITC in these formats to the project's Principal Investigator, David Crismond, at crismondd@missouri.edu. Please indicate your preference. If you don't know which version is best for you, please describe your equipment so that the appropriate version of DITC can be mailed to you.

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