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Math Teacher Highlights

Design can provide a memorable context for learning and using mathematics, including making and using estimates, quantifying a product's performance, and seeing qualitative relationships between a product's features and its outcome variables. Almost all of the activities with a shorter timeframe could be used as an anchoring example from which to create meaningful Transfer Tasks.

These include:
1. Stuff That Works! Shopping Bag task (surface area/volume, cost/benefit ratio)
2. Pop-Up Books (calculating mechanical advantage of various linkages)
3. LBD's Machines That Help (another challenge involving mechanical advantage)
4. LBD's Model Parachute and Vehicles In Motion tasks (calculating and rounding rate of speed, using Newton's 1st & 2nd Laws of Motion, figuring out amounts of surface area and volume)
5. Model Crane challenge (trigonometry and vector forces, mechanical advantage);
6. All of the projects found in DITC from Challenges In Physical Science, including Paper Bridge (vectors), Electromagnet (cost/benefit ratios) and the Baking Soda (ratios) chemistry challenge.

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