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Highlights for Teachers

DITC has been mainly designed for middle-school teachers who teach three subjects: science, technology education and mathematics. Those educators who work with teachers have their own page: Teacher Educator Highlights.

  •  Science Teacher Highlights  Middle-school science teachers who teach physical science and other science topics will find that DITC holds a number of useful activities that address skills & key concepts related to their courses.
  •  Tech Ed Teacher Highlights  In the US, design found a home in technology education classes long before they made their way into science or math classes. See those DITC pages that are "best fits" for most tech ed folks.
  •  Math Teacher Highlights  Design can provide a memorable context for learning and using mathematics, including making and using estimates, quantifying a product's performance, and seeing qualitative relationships between a product's features and its outcome variables. Find links to pages most amenable to math educators.
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