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Getting Started

This section of Design In The Classroom will help you use the DITC program, watch its videos, and gives guidance on making tapes of your own classes. Click on the links in the purple navigator bar (above) or titles (below) to see the following pages.

  •  Using DITC  Read about how to use the DITC interface, watch DITC Quicktime movies on your computer, or view full-screen movies using a DVD player.
  •  Key DITC Features  Read about not-to-miss features and content in DITC, including Video Timelines, Design Pedagogy and Teaching Strategies, and links to Assessment & Standards where you can learn about key strategies that designers use.
  •  Taping Your Own Class  Watch a tutorial on buying, setting up and using equipment you'll find helpful in videotaping your own classes.
  •  Highlights for Teachers  See DITC pages and movies made especially for tech ed, science and math teachers that detail design tasks anchored to key concepts in these subjects and suggest relevant teaching strategies.
  •  Professional Development Planner  The PDP Table lists topics and interviews with authors of articles that suggest ways to improve your teaching and enhance student learning.
  •  Highlights for Teacher Educators  See pages and DITC movies made especially for those who help teachers with their professional development.
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