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Shopping Bag Timeline


Click on the Shopping Bag Video Timeline to see scenes from a STW! workshop that introduces teachers to this task and from two Atlanta-based 7th-grade math classrooms doing this activity, which has three phases:

  • Phase 1 starts with students gathering a wide range of shopping bags as part of a Scavenger Hunt and bringing them to class. Students form into teams, grab some bags, classify and place them into piles, and then ask classmates to guess the bag categories. Teams then attempt to identity the bag groups.
  • Phase 2 has students testing different bags' strength by loading them and noting where they begin to fail. Their reports attempt to link different bag designs and failure modes -- How each type of bag design fail?
  • Phase 3 Students are given a brown paper lunch bag, which they then redesign and make into small shopping bags. Students conduct "fair-test" comparisons of these designs and report on what they learn about good and poor designs to others.
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