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Shopping Bag Timeline Phase 3 -- Teacher Workshop

MOVIE 1:   3 Minutes 38 Seconds
MOVIE 2:   3 Minutes 36 Seconds

Phase 3 of the Shopping Bag task has students redesigning a lunch bag so that it becomes a shopping bag. Movie 1 shows a teaching segment where Prof. Gary Benenson introduces teachers to concepts and terms they have been experiencing while investigating shopping bags, including tension, compression and shear forces.
Movie 2 shows the two Atlanta teachers creating a "basic shopping bag" and then redesigning it. Watch for instances where teachers refer back to previous tests they have done when making design decisions. Can you find evidence that they formed data-driven opinions about making shopping bags work better. Note: Describing a challenge as that of making an "ultimate shopping bag" may run counter to the notion that there is no final end-point in design, and may need to be clarified.

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