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MOVIE 1:   6 minutes 10 seconds
Students Working Together

Two issues that teachers often raise when watching videos of student teams at work are: "What are they thinking and saying and meaning?" and "What and how are they learning?"

This page's film shows a five-student tech ed design team doing its first day of work on the parachute task. (This same sequence can be found with commentary in the Tech Ed Video Timeline - Day 1.) Review the video carefully, as much gets said and done even in the first moments of a team's design work. Try pausing and replaying the video as you consider these questions:
  • What key roles get enacted in the group?
  • Is anyone too pushy? Too isolated?
  • Who keeps the group going? Who slows work down?
  • How would you interact with this team?
  • What would you say to individuals or the team as a whole?
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