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Student Work - Model Parachute

As a teacher, you need to be able to listen to a design team at work and notice cues and patterns as to how a team's work is going, who its leaders and best workers are, and what critical problems the team is facing. You need to do this all in a few moments. Review the Student Work pages to find out more about students' design thinking with parachute:
  •  Students Working Together  Watch 5 tech ed students conduct their first day's work on Parachute.
  •  Compare Drops  View two movies with students' interim and final parachute designs, and link chutes' performances with their design features.
  •  Parachute Collections  Review one science class' parachutes when the entire class got stuck mid-way on a weak design approach, and read how they got out of their "design doldrums."
  •  Student Reports  Read over samles of science and tech ed students' written work and drawings at different stages in their parachute design work.
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