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Day 6: Looking Versus Seeing

The day after the Final Parachute Drops, Goldman led a discussion that addressed one of his key learning objectives: to enable his students to "see more" around them. More what? He wants them to see more technology around them, to see objects as designed artifacts, and to see what has been built and designed with more comprehension and understanding. Notice how Goldman links the “see more” theme to students doing research, doing group work, and experimenting to other school subjects.

During the second half of Day 6 , Goldman reviews the parachute drops. This is a critical time when as teacher you can "wrap up" a lesson and bring out ideas that may have been present but not noticed by students.

Goldman chose to engage students in a controversy. This came up regarding the design of the winning parachute, the one with the longest drop time. The issue is whether the triangular-shaped parachute, which used a frame and had the three washers (load) attached to the three chute's three vertices, was really a parachute or a glider.

Movie 1 Questions:
1. Goldman wants students to think like designers. When do you think good designers typically engage in “see more” strategies?
2. What teaching approaches did you see Goldman during the initial class discussion? The final controversy?
3. What other points related to your course content could you see making during the post-drop discussion for this activity?

MOVIE 1:   10 minutes 12 seconds
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