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Day 5: Final Contest

MOVIE 1 shows Goldman's students doing their final day parachute drops. You will see six design teams and many designs at work here. Compare this final chute drop movie to those of the science classes by going to Movie Comparison (click here or at the top of this or any page).

By playing the movie frame-by-frame, you will be able to see more clearly their flight paths, how fully the chutes inflate, and how stable they are during descent.

Movie 1 Questions:
1. What different types of parachute designs did you notice?
2. What different paths of descent did you see parachutes take?
3. What links between design type and parachute performance do you think students can make?
4. How and when would you have students make such links?
5. How would you run the Final Parachute Drop Day differently?
MOVIE 1:   4 minutes 8 seconds
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