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Day 4: Preparing for the Contest

Day 4 is the day before final presentations of best designs, when more work gets done then any other day. In MOVIE 1, Goldman tells students how the finals will transpire -- with limited testing time on Day 5, there will be no individual presentations. In MOVIE 2, you see students make last minute (and untested) changes to their designs. Ed circulates around, tries to put out fires and dispense last-minute advice.

Questions for MOVIE 1:
1 . Which of Goldman's Drop Day Rules seems most important to you?
2. After reviewing Day 5's events, how might you have introduced and conducted the event differently?

Questions for MOVIE 2:
1. On what does Goldman focus students' attention re design decisions?
2. Compare Ed's questions and advice to the student with the red sweater versus the one with the green shirt.
3. What do you see in these two students' responses to what Ed says?


MOVIE 1:   2 minutes 53 seconds MOVIE 2:   3 minutes 33 seconds
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