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Day 3: Review Variables

In the teaching portion of Day 3 (MOVIE 1), Goldman lists all variables mentioned by all classes and reviews the final report that students will do at the end of the project. He reviews technical (orthographic projection) drawings, which tech ed students use and then admonitions them about time management.

Compiled Variables
• Canopy - area, shape, # holes;
• String - length, where attached to canopy

• Weight • Airflow • How Chute Is Held
• Overall Length of Parachute

In MOVIE 2, Goldman meets with groups for updates and to give comments. Notice what he says and chooses not to say. One team reports good drop times, but members say that all the parachutes are the same. How would you respond? How does Ed? (You might review Parachute Collections to see how another teacher handled this problem of a lack of divergent thinking in groups doing parachutes.)
MOVIE 1:   2 minutes 11 seconds MOVIE 2:   2 minutes 10 seconds
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