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Introduction - Tech Ed Video Timeline

The Tech Ed Video Timeline gives you a chronology of how technology education teacher, Ed Goldman, implemented the Learning By Design™ Model Parachute task with his 9th-grade students.

Movie 1 introduces you to the setting where the parachute activity was done -- Brooklyn Technical High School in Brooklyn, NY. As you watch the movies, think about what is similar between Brooklyn Tech and your school.

Here are some questions for you for Movie 1:
1. What surprised you about Ed's school? What is radically different between your school and Brooklyn Tech?

2. Research in "situated learning" says that students find it hard to apply skills from one context to another. Are Goldman's pre-engineering goals for his freshmen students in line with this? Do you think students can "transfer" skills like designing or experimenting from one context to another?

MOVIE 1:   2 minutes 49 seconds
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