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Reflecting on Chute Drop & Transfer Task

Wrap-up discussions after memorable experiences like design tasks can be an important time for emphasizing ideas you want students to learn. In Movie 1, Bridget has a discussion of the final outdoor parachute drop, while Movie 2 shows Earl testing students' understanding of controlling variables via a Transfer Task where students design and test a paper helicopter. Be sure to compare these closing activities with Day 6 and Day 7 of the Tech Ed Timeline to hear the discussion and watch the transfer task from Brooklyn Tech teacher, Ed Goldman.

Movie 1 Questions:
1. Compare Bridget's follow-up talk with Ed's TE class. What are strengths of each?
2. How confident do the students seem of their explanations? What understandings do they show students' having?
3. Which explanations use science ideas or experimental data? Which seem to come from craft or everyday knowledge?

Movie 2 Questions:
1. What are some similarities and differences between the paper parachute and helicopter tasks?
2. Do you think student transferred knowledge or skills from the parachute to helicopter tasks?
3. What do you notice about the groups' testing methods (controlling variables; choosing features to vary; measuring product performance?)
MOVIE 1:   2 minutes 54 seconds MOVIE 2:   5 minutes 44 seconds
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