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Final Parachute Drops

For most students, the parachute unit's day of reckoning is the final parachute drop. DITC's two science teachers took quite different approaches to this near-finale activity. Earl conducted the last drops indoors as a paired-elimination contest. Bridget had her students test their chutes from the top of the school's football bleachers. Be sure to compare these approaches to that of the Tech Ed teacher in the Day 5-Final Contest movie.

Movie 1 & 2 Questions:
1. How were conditions for outdoor drop different from the

classroom conditions where the chutes were designed? What were the typical modes of failure for the chutes in this new setting?
2 . What were some strengths and drawbacks of the drop settings for the two movies from an educational standpoint?
3. Compare Earl's way of conducting a final drop with Ed's and Bridget's. What are some +/- of each?
4. What misconceptions about testing and the challenge did you hear from students?
5 . Some design converge on a single "optimal" design. Did the parachutes shown in these movies encounter this?

MOVIE 1:   1 minutes 54 seconds MOVIE 2:   3 minutes 21 seconds
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