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2nd Poster Session

Around the middle of the parachute unit, you will want to get students to share what they have learned thus far with others. This can help you assess the directions of student learning and inform subsequent lessons. Bridget does this via a Poster session while Earl uses a modified Gallery Walk. Both approaches appear in the Learning By Design activities. What other approaches could help the entire class pool the collective lessons learned from tests?

Controlling variables can be a subtle concept for some students, especially when they are testing their own designs. For instance, more chute area slow descent, but this increases mass. Earl lets his students experience such difficulties, all the while allowing them to fail. Do his students see this of their work yet? What questions were helpful in focusing on this issue?

Questions for MOVIES 1 & 2:
1. How successful were teams in designing controlled experiments?
2. What key science ideas relate to each of the design variables tested?
3. Design Rules-of-Thumb aim to give test-based advice from one designer to another. Which rules-of-thumb seem most successful at doing this?

MOVIE 1:   5 minutes 27 seconds MOVIE 2:   6 minutes 37 seconds
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