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Build Tips and Testing

Science students are not required to be adept at building or using "fabrication skills". Movie 1 shows Bridget suggesting ways to make constructing and revising parachute designs easier.

Fabrication may not seem important to students when they are making their chutes. Yet, as students move from one design to the next iteration, the way they construct the new canopies, attach the strings to the canopy, measure and cut the strings to length, should not vary unless they are the specific variables being changed.

Movie 1 Questions:
1. At around 3:46, a student says, "The more mass, the faster descent." Yet other teams found that more chutes with more filters (which weigh more) can fall slower. Which of Bridget's first-day demos might help reconcile this seeming contradiction? What other demo drops might have been done to address this point?
2. What misconceptions did you hear in students' presentations? How and when would you address them?

MOVIE 1:   7 minute 25 seconds
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