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Whiteboarding & Review of Key Variables

Day 2's videos pick up after students have had their first Messing About session with chute materials and have informally tested their initial parachute designs. The discussions you see in MOVIES 1 & 2 show two approaches to using discussions to bring out what students learned from their initial investigations. Bridget uses a technique called Whiteboarding that the Learning By Design materials uses and drew from Problem-Based Learning. This approach supports group talk and public sharing of ideas. Both teachers have students first generate ideas, and then prioritize and select ones for the next day's investigations and testing.

Questions on MOVIES 1 and 2:
1. Which questions seemed to help organize each discussion best?
2. What was Earl's follow-up assignment to the lesson? What other paths could he have suggested?
3. Which student responses did Earl chose to add to or rephrase?
4. When did Earl use extreme case examples in the discussion? What seemed to be their effect on students' thinking?
MOVIE 1:   2 minutes 57 seconds MOVIE 2:   3 minute 16 seconds
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