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MOVIE 1:   7 minute 38 seconds

Triple-Load Final Bridge

In MOVIE 1, at the beginning of the final day of Paper Bridge, Nancy reviews the class' current design ideas, and asks how they arrived at them. Sometimes, when a class has groups that are "stuck" in a certain design approach, this kind of discussion can help such teams benefit from other groups' ideas. Note that a similar effect could be achieved via a Gallery Walk or Pin-Up Session.

In the latter part of MOVIE 1 (around 7:40), you can see the evolving dynamics of this all-female design team. Different team members dominate in different ways in this session -- such is true in almost all teams.

Some questions to keep in mind when watching this movie include:

1. When does the group do effective troubleshooting?
2. How can troubleshooting be modeled to students?
3. What opportunities to do formative assessment do you see?

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