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MOVIE 1:   4 minutes 38 seconds

Triple-Load Bridge

While still learning that care in constructing a model bridge can determine whether it will succeed or fail, students are asked to design a paper bridge to support triple the previous day's load. As before, students start with an entire sheet of paper and discover for themselves that the sheet can support the 3-bottle load. They then use procedures -- like carefully looking at the lines of stress on the paper when loaded -- to help decide what parts of the bridge can be cut away without leading to failure. Notice in MOVIE 1 the different sources from which a team can get design ideas.

As you watch this movie, keep these ideas in mind:

1. Does this group take risks as designers?
2. How would you describe the group dynamics?
3. When did the team seem least able to communication?
4. What design strategies seemed to work best?

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