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Select Design Tasks

Listen to interviews with curriculum designers about the ideas behind their curricula, watch footage of eight design tasks in action in the classroom and at teacher workshops, and get help from the Chooser Chart in selecting one of these tasks for use in your classes. Click on links in the purple navigator bar (above) or the titles below to find out more:
  •  Design Curricula  Hear interviews with five authors of curricula found in DITC and the unique approaches they used in their standards-driven materials.
  •  Model Parachute  Students use coffee filters, string, tape and weights to create a parachute that falls the slowest with a given load. (Learning By Design™ 3-7 days)
  •  Cardboard Chair  Students investigate paper as a building material and, working in groups, scale up model designs to create a full-scale cardboard chair that can hold a 70-kg (150-pound) person sitting and leaning back on it. (Developed by Ed Goldman of Brooklyn Tech HS 5-7 weeks)
  •  Shopping Bag  Students collect and sort a wide variety of shopping bags, test them to see which designs are strong and where they fail when loaded, and then redesign them into their own shopping bag. (Stuff That Works! 2-5 days)
  •  Paper Bridge  Students use the minimum of material from a single sheet of paper to make the lightest "paper bridge" that holds 1 or 3 nearly full liter-water bottles for 10 seconds. (Challenges In Physical Science 3-5 days)
  •  Crane  Watch teachers build a motorized crane that lifts as many nails in a cup as possible. (Design It! 3-5 days)
  •  Electromagnet  With simple materials, students attempt to build the strongest electromagnet, measured by lifting the greatest number of nails placed in a plastic cup. (Challenges In Physical Science 3-5 days)
  •  Baking Soda  Students combine vinegar and baking soda as a replacement for yeast to make bread rise, with no residue or aftertaste. (Challenges In Physical Science 4-7 days)
  •  Machines That Help  Students investigate simple machines and design a device that enables a user to lift a heavy weight with the small force transmitted through a single strand of cotton thread. (LBD™ 2-4 weeks)
  •  Other Tasks  This section describes other design activities that you may want to use but for which DITC has a few or no movies, including Pop-Up Books, Nuffield's Advertising Float task, and LBD's Vehicles in Motion.
  •  Chooser Chart  DITC'S Activity Chooser Chart helps you compare and select design tasks found in DITC according to criteria like authenticity, duration, open-endedness and building skills.
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