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Design Curricula

This section of DITC provides an overview of some of the best of the recently created design-based curricula, along with interviews where you will hear directly from the makers of these materials. These lead authors describe the ideas that lie behind the activities that are showcased under DITC's Select Design Task tab:

  •  Learning By Design™  Georgia Tech's Janet Kolodner talks about the importance of creating a need in students to do and a need to know, and how cases can aid students solve design problems, with the help of design rituals like whiteboarding, gallery walks, pin-up sessions and design rules-of-thumb.
  •  Challenges in Physical Science  Harvard's Phil Sadler describes key elements of his materials that use redesign tasks with strong connections to National Science Education Standards. CIPS challenges are designed so that students can do rapid prototyping and easily observe changes from one design iteration to the next.
  •  Stuff That Works!  CCNY's Gary Benenson reviews his recently published Stuff That Works! series and tells of low-to-no-cost approaches, like the scavenger hunt, to learning about and redesigning everyday technology.
  •  Nuffield's Design & Technology  England's David Barlex tells about the pedagogy of the UK's Nuffield D&T materials that spans all grade levels (Key Stage 1-4), and supports students in creatively solving open-ended design problems called capability tasks by building knowledge and skills through doing resource tasks.
  •  Design It!  EDC's Bernie Zubrowski describes the after-school design curriculum developed at EDC that can be used in regular classroom setting as well.

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