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Design It!

The Design It! curriculum was developed by Bernie Zubrowski and others at Educational Development Centers in Newton, MA, and is published by Kelvin. It includes design challenges where students create: gliders, ball-and-track toy, rubber-band-powered cars, pinball machine, paper bridge, spinning toys, and the Model Crane that is featured in DITC.

Design It! has a well thought-out pedagogy behind it, which differentiates it from other design-based curricula. Students spend more time with the activities' materials, before being given plans from which they can make more optimal designs. Zubrowski explains that students need to learn by hands-on explorations about what the materials can and cannot do, before they can make knowledgeable decisions of how to improve the devices they are building. This translates into more time spent on the project -- an in-depth way to learning.

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