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MOVIE 1:  3 Minutes 48 Seconds

Introducing Crane Task

In MOVIE 1, Bernie Zubrowski introduces the Model Crane Challenge first by eliciting teachers' prior knowledge about cranes. He displays an overhead transparency of a simple crane, mostly as a memory jog, and then asks teachers to identify critical features in a typical crane.

Bernie then passes out the materials teachers will use to make a crane -- including materials for the structure, and batteries for the motor. He then asks teachers to build a crane from these parts. Before they start, Bernie describes the roles that members from each team will be asked to perform, including: Designer, Builder, Tester, Materials Gatherer/Recorder, and Presenter. The roles are implemented flexibly applied during the on-going work of team members, as MOVIE 1 demonstrates. MOVIE 1 ends with teachers building and making an operational model crane.

Question: What other Designer Roles could help a team function effectively?

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