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MOVIE 1:  3 Minutes 42 Seconds

Teachers' Crane Design

MOVIE 1 follows an all-women design team that has just started building-while-planning their model crane. You may find these teachers to be more communicative and self-reflective than students working in groups. Still, listen both for ideas about how cranes work, and misunderstandings they have that might impact the development of good designs. Listen for comments that are self-reflective and reveal more of what is going on inside the heads of teachers working together.

Questions on MOVIE 1:
1. Do you feel that the team members remained conscious of the designer roles they were asked to perform at the outset of the task?
2. Notice the role that gestures, spoken words, and the device itself that was being built contributed to the exchange and evolution of design ideas. How might Drawing & Sketching have influenced this group's work?

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