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Student Work & Grading Rubric for Final Presentations

In Lesson 5 of the Cardboard Chair Video Timeline, Goldman introduces a one-page Idea Evaluation sheet to support them thinking logically and thoroughly as they decided which ideas to discard or keep in building a half-scale chair. Every time a team develops an idea, they complete a 1-page evaluation sheet on it, complete with a sketch. The Idea evaluation sheet becomes useful information for the Final Reports that students must write after their presentations. This Formative Assessment technique can get students can get students to think about comments and context rather than just register the teacher's judgment. The following is an example of one student's work at evaluating their cardboard chair ideas. Also take note of the way that Ed graded the student's responses:

Chair Idea Evaluation

The following sheet is provided to all students so that they can assess the presentations of other student groups. The same sheet was used by visitors to took part in giving feedback on students' Final Presentations.

Rubric for grading final presentations
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