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Model Chairs - Day 3

The early work of good designers involves generating lots of ideas, and then selecting parts from various prototype designs that could work together well.

In MOVIE 1, Goldman handed out punch cards (index cards could be used as well) and asked students to produce at least two ideas that they then shared with their group. To help students avoid getting stuck with their first design idea (a typical Way of Naive Designers), Goldman asked students to have one model rely on straight and the other curved lines.

He also handed out the "Assembly Techniques" handout (see below) that shows ways to make cards into structures without tape or glue.

In MOVIE 2, Goldman visited groups and critiques their designs. The main problems he found involve designing a chair with a strong back, and a seat that can hold the sitting load.

Assembly Techniques
MOVIE 1:   2 minutes 05 seconds MOVIE 2:   1 minute 54 seconds
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