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Full-Scale Cardboard Chairs

In MOVIE 1, you see additional scaffolding and help that Goldman provides his students as the deadline for final projects approaches. Goldman provides a chart that helps students assign themselves to different roles. Even though students are just starting their full-scale chairs, Ed allocates time for students to prepare for their final presentations.

In MOVIE 2, you see new issues emerge as students move from half-scale to full-scale. As chairs scale up, weaknesses appear. Some teams can find out that their

plans require more cardboard than they are allowed (two 4'x8' sheets). Others teams continue to find new weak points in their chair designs and must figure ways to correct them -- orthotropic lines are of particular concern. Teams don't act cooperatively. Notice the leading questions that Ed uses to get his students to address these concerns.

MOVIE 1:   2 minutes 1 seconds MOVIE 2:   2 minutes 37 seconds
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