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Final Presentation - Cardboard Chairs

Ed Goldman believes in Authentic Assessment. To end the Cardboard Chair unit, he has students give a final presentation where all team members present part of a planned talk to the rest of the class. This events is also attended by adults from outside school who give feedback to students, while Goldman and the team's classmates complete written evaluations the group's work. From the professionals, students often hear the same things Goldman says about various aspects of their design work.

Imagine that you are the teacher or one of the visitors to the talks you see in MOVIE 1 or MOVIE 2. What strengths do you see in each group? Do you notice any students working from misconceptions about how the chair works, or about designing? Which questions from the audience seemed to test students' understanding? What comments do you think had the potential for the greatest impact on the students?
MOVIE 1:   4 minutes 42 seconds MOVIE 2:   5 minutes 42 seconds
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