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MOVIE 1:   2 Minutes 37 Seconds MOVIE 2:   1 minute 9 seconds

Students' Design Talk

Teaching rarely provides you the luxury of time to reflect on students' explanations, meaning-making or reflections about their work. These two movies show a tech ed and science student talking about their process of designing. Listen to the way each makes sense and meaning of their designing when they work given a chance to reflect on their work.

MOVIE 1 shows an interview of a hard-working female tech ed student from Brooklyn, NY. You will hear what she finds exciting and difficult about designing, how in her own words she describes her design process, and her regrets about a typical name design strategy: getting stuck and never changing her first her parachute design idea.

In MOVIE 2, a science student from Connecticut describes her design process and that of her teammates.

Questions to Consider:
1. What do these students seem to enjoy most/least about designing?
2. What design-related capabilities do they seem to show in abundance?
3. What aspects of "informed designing" do they seem to do well/poorly?
4. What future objectives would you set for and pursue with these students?
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