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MOVIE 1:   2 minutes 31 seconds
Conversation-with-Materials Model

Jeanne Bamberger teaches music at MIT and in the 1980s and 1990s collaborated with the late Donald Schon, author of The Reflective Practitioner, a book that introduced the world the importance that self-reflection and reflection-in-action plays in the professions -- including architecture, city planning, teaching, and designing.

Jeanne and Don developed a model for designing that emphasized how ideas evolve and learning takes place during the actions related to designing. Her examples in MOVIE 1 relate to the world of music, which is a realm of designing that can have strong links to mathematics, which Jeanne is exploring with Andy diSessa of UC, Berkeley. As with other domains, the role that a representation (as in written music) can play in the design conversation is also worth investigating. It can be a way to explore what and how people are thinking while they are designing.

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