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MOVIE 1:   8 minutes 3 seconds
Design Tutorial

According to National Science Education Standards students' doing technological design should be able to solve simple design problems, analyze technological products and systems, and assess product quality. "This standard helps establish design as the technological parallel to inquiry in science."

MOVIE 1 revisits much of what is included in the interactive Generic Design Cycle movies, but puts it together in one video sequence. It starts with tech ed teacher Ed Goldman giving a short lesson where he presents a generic design process model to his students and links it to a project they recently did. You then hear from the following:

  • Bob McCormick (Open University, UK) tells how students sometimes opt to do a "veneer" of the design process, and difficulties non-adults have with the design cycle's abstractions of actions taken by designers.
  • Richard Kimbell (Goldsmith College, UK) describes design's different meanings for professionals in different fields and teachers of different disciplines.
  • David Barlex (Director of the Nuffield Design & Technology, UK) argues for not getting stuck in any single design process model.
  • Woodie Flowers (MIT) tells of what he likes to emphasize when talking about design to his students.
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