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MOVIE 1:   2 minutes 53 seconds
Design Gestures & Artifacts

Lots of the communication that novice and expert designers do does not involve words. MOVIE 1 can help you train yourself to see other moves that designers do when in the thick of work. When designers working in teams first get new ideas, they will describe it to their teammates before building it to show others.

Simple actions include using one's body and hands to stand in place of the actual device. Sketches accompanied by text can get a new idea across for consideration much more quickly than a prototype. You will be surprised at how very often designers will grab the object closest to them and have it stand in proxy for something without even the faintest resemblance to the design itself.

Getting sensitive to and proficient at recognizing the cues designers use to express their ideas can help you follow the evolution of a team's ideas. Modeling the use of gestures, drawings and artifacts to students can enable them to do it better themselves while working in their own design groups.

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