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MOVIE 1:   1 minute 32 seconds
Designer Roles

Researchers who study designers at work often describe strategies experts use when solving design challenges, including: defining the challenge in your own words, generating ideas, analyzing the situation, deciding what to do, sketching, designing experiments to test key variables, making analysis and reasoning from cases. Another way to think of design strategies is to think of roles people enact when designing. Movie 1 gives you an opportunity to view colored highlight overlays to indicate students acting in the following rules:

Manager -- facilitates or directs the group
Reporter -- provides facts and collects data
Designer -- generates ideas or does sketches
Scientist -- makes predictions and conducts tests

Try looking for other designer roles and strategies in this and other DITC movies. Notice that roles change very rapidly and that the same person can change roles, even in mid-sentence. You may want to watch portions of MOVIE 1 more than once.

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