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MOVIE 1:   9 minutes 7 seconds
Support Creativity in Kids

Design can be done by almost anybody, because nearly everyone regularly expresses moments of creativity. This is a key point made in MOVIE 1 by David Perkins of Harvard's Graduate School of Education. He makes this case in his book The Mind's Best Work of how creativity is not for the elite few, but is made up of thinking strategies most can do.

In the rest of the video, the UK's Richard Kimbell and MIT's Woodie Flowers describe classroom experience and research on ways you can either foster or squelch creativity in groups. Both talk of ways to get students to "think outside the box," especially when they have gotten stuck with a design problem. Which methods could you use in class? Using a Backward Design approach, ask, "What observable evidence would show you (or others) that your students are performing creatively or not?"

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