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MOVIE 1:   3 minutes 46 seconds MOVIE 2:   46 seconds MOVIE 3:   7 minutes 46 seconds

Class Demonstrations

The initial demo that you give students at the start of a unit is often one of the best-remembered events -- in cognitive science this is called the Primacy Effect. Demos set the stage for learning and can act as "anchors" to which students connect other ideas and that can bring up their prior knowledge. Movies 1-3 were edited for side-by-side-by-side comparison and show the first demonstrations that one tech ed and two science teachers gave their students before they started designing model parachutes.

Compare them. What are similarities and differences do you notice among them? What details does each teacher emphasize or skip over? What underlying goals might be driving them to include what they leave in and out in their demonstrations, their questions and order of presentation?

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