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Learn About Design

Want a "Quick Peek" into what design is all about? The Interactive Design Model below can give you a fast tutorial on strategies that designers typically use. Click on the strategy you want to find out more about by reading a short description or seeing a movie.
MOVIE 1:   2 minutes 57 seconds

This section of DITC can help you deepen your understanding of the design process. Explore different aspects of learning and teaching with design tasks by clicking on titles (below) or links in the purple navigator bar (above):
  •  What Is Design?  Introduces 7 different models that attempt describe design approaches and strategies.
  •  Design Pedagogy  Presents approaches like design briefs, product histories and comparisons, scavenger hunts, fair test experiments, and other ways to support students learning when they are designing.
  •  Teaching Strategies  Describes ways teachers can initiate design tasks, support students' group work, help with time management, and aid students in making informed design decisions.
  •  Design Cases  Everyone designs; not everyone knows it. See cases of everyday designing and that are done by classroom teachers, curriculum developers and people without special training in design.
  •  Assessment  Learn ways to do formative and authentic assessment., and use transfer tasks.
  •  Standards  Learn about national and selected state standard related to design and technology investigations.
  •  Teaching Controversies  Design generates controversies for students, teachers and researchers. Hear research on gender and design, what makes for good design challenges, and student autonomy versus teacher control.
  •  Learning/Cognitive Sciences  Watch video capsules of the relevant research from the Learning and Cognitive Sciences that support the use of design activities and its various pedagogies.

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