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MOVIE 1:   3 minutes 27 seconds
Gallery Walk/Pin-Up/Poster Session

The Learning By Design™ curriculum uses a number of presentation formats for students to share their work with classmates. Two are drawn from the tradition of the architectural design studio -- the Gallery Walk and Poster Sessions. The last, Poster Sessions, is familiar to most classroom teachers. All are a kind of show-and-tell, as you will hear In MOVIE 1, where Georgia Tech's Janet Kolodner describes these techniques.

Getting students to share their ideas, explain their decisions, and get feedback on their current thinking from their peers can improve their designing, and give teachers feedback for doing good Formative Assessment of the learning that goes on in the classroom that is using design activities.

Janet tells where these three techniques are supported by research from the Learning and Cognitive Science fields and are central to her LBD Cycle -- the underlying pedagogical model of her LBD middle-school science curriculum.

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