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MOVIE 1:   9 minutes 56 seconds
Gender & Design

A perennial Teaching Controversy related to design involves ways that best support male and female designers in achieving their best work, and whether such support is warranted. In what design roles, if any, do girls and guys typically excel? Is it better to have mixed-gender or same-gender design teams? Some UK research in Design & Technology suggests that there are greater gender differences in performance in design than any other subject taught there.

MOVIE 1 presents both the feelings and opinions of teachers, students, and researchers as they describe their experiences and evidence about this hot-button issue. As you watch other DITC videos or observe your own students, see if the statements made in MOVIE 1 match your own evolving views. Also, consider these questions regarding MOVIE 1:

1. What different strengths do students and educations note about male and female designers?
2. Dominance in team designing can take many forms. When have you seen of this in DITC movies? Do you see any gender patterns related to dominance in them? How about in your own classes? (Hear a tech ed student's perspective on performance differences in mixed and same-gender design teams in the Students' Design Talk page.)
3. How do you respond to the trends noted by Kimbell? What teaching approaches come to mind?
4. Choosing design tasks that are of equal interest to both male and female students can be a challenge in itself. What sorts of design tasks favor one gender or another? Which design tasks found in or outside of DITC are gender neutral in your view?

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