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MOVIE 1:   4 minutes 1 second
Did The Winner Win?

Authentic classroom controversies appear regularly in the classroom that uses design and can enliven learning. MOVIE 1 focuses on the student who became the controversial winning designer of a parachute that was the slowest in his class. Chris made a triangular chute with a frame and weights attached to each of the triangle's vertices. Unlike a more traditional parachute design, his chute's strings did not come together to a common point to hold a load. Does a design with a frame holding separate strings count as a real parachute?

Gradually giving students control of their learning is a year-long, often-stated goal for tech ed teacher Ed Goldman. Notice how he handles the class discussion when the controversy arises during the follow-up lesson to the final parachute drop. How does Ed take himself out and insert himself into the controversy? How does he make students shareholders in the discussion? What broader messages about creativity in design does Ed make during this teachable moment?

You can listen to Chris, the controversial winner of his class' parachute drop, as he talks about his design process in the Reasoning Behind a Winning Design interview.

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