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MOVIE 1:   2 Minutes 36 Seconds
Broad/Deep Coverage of Topics

One of the toughest balancing acts in teaching involves get the optimal mix of benefits and Tradeoffs, (somethiing designers often do) between Broad versus Deep Coverage of the topics you teach. This issue arises out of a key constraint and fact of school life: limited time. In MOVIE 1, you'll hear Harvard's Phil Sadler talk about his research into what supports students in being successful in their first college Physics course. Doing long-term investigations in high school science courses was one factor that was found to have a positive effect on grades in freshman Physics.

About mid-way through this short movie, you will hear Ed Goldman reason about why he gives 9 weeks for his students to learn about the mechanisms when designing their solutions to the Pop-Up Book challenge. As you listen, consider how many lessons you remember from the grade and subject you now teach. What about the lessons your students say they learn from remember the best from your course make them memorable?

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