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Getting Started Select Design Task Learn About Design
MOVIE 1:   6 minutes 54 seconds
Designing Design Tasks

John Gucua teaches fifth graders in Chemsford, MA, and in 2002 attended a course at the University of Massachusetts in Lowell on using pre-engineering design activities in a classroom. After completing this course, John applied for and received a grant for creating a solar house design activity for his students. Listen in Movie 1 to John's design process and strategies in making his own design activity, and compare it to the Generic Design Model or the 7 Models of the Design Process depicted in DITC:

  1. Using Iterations to help his design evolve over time.
  2. Doing Research creatively to make some early design decisions.
  3. Finding and Solving Emergent Problems including designing and making solar panels for his after-school fifth-grade pilot students that were safe and easy to wire.
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