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MOVIE 1:   6 minutes 42 seconds
Designing Music

Creating musical compositions, or just tapping out a tune, involves design processes. In MOVIE 1, listen to MIT's Jeanne Bamberger, author of Investigating Musical Intuitions, describes how an initial musical inspiration, basic intuitions, reflection-in-action, and Conversations-With-Materials can be done by very young students or the MIT undergraduates she teaches.

Jeanne tells of how creating music can lead to students designing a written representation of the music that they make. The authentic task here is to invent a scheme so that another person could play the tune at a later time. This kind of task also gives students a window to reflecting not only on their designing but on their own learning as well.

If you want to explore this kind of design task, go to the www.tuneblocks.com website to get a shortened version of her book, Developing Musical Intuitions, and the software she and others have been developing for more than a decade to enable anyone to explore their own learning and designing while creating music without formal training.

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