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Transfer Tasks

A test of whether your students learning with Understanding/Rote Memorization can involve having students applying what they learned to a similar but not identical situation. If they can do this, they have "transferred" their learning from one context to another. Harvard's David Perkins describes an example of "Near Transfer", where the new situation or problem is quite similar to the original settings for learning an idea -- putting on a golf green. "Far Transfer" involves applying a skill in a quite different and new subject and context. You could say that the transfer of a learned procedure happens, for instance, when someone applies a brainstorming strategy that they learned in when designing a hiking pack to solving a problem at work like making lots of copies in a short period of time or fixing a broken table at a wedding.

The two teachers shown in this page's movies had their classes do a follow-up transfer task after finishing the Model Parachute activity. In MOVIE 1, Ed Goldman has his students use the knowledge and skills they developed when designing parachutes in making a toy that utilizes a chute in its design. In MOVIE 2, Earl Carlyon has his students optimize the flight of a paper helicopter, after having made their own model parachutes. A third transfer task for Parachute to consider is the Maplecopter investigation, where students explore the factors that affect the motion of the falling Maple seeds and build models to simulate their spinning flight.

Student Activity Sheets
Print out this Maple Copter activity sheet that was developed by Michal Lomask and others at the Connecticut State Department of Education.
  The MapleCopter Investigation (7 pages)
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