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MOVIE 1: 3 minutes 13 seconds
Formative Assessment

In MOVIE 1, Paul Black from Kings College in London reports on an article he and Dylan Wiliam wrote entitled "Inside The Black Box". This piece of writing reviewed and summarized hundreds of educational research articles, and concluded that one of the two most reliable findings from educational research was that formative assessment techniques, when done well, can have in clear and significant impact in improving students' learning.

Formative assessment involves teachers giving timely feedback to students to improve their thinking rather than receive a judgment from them that then gets ignored. It involves a number of techniques that teachers need to learn to implement one at a time, and at their own pace. Some techniques include gathering data about what students are and are not learning, which then shapes the direction of future instruction, and supports students in thinking further about a topic. The effect that a teacher putting grades and/or commentary on student work is one of the surprising findings you'll hear Paul report on in this movie.

Review Article
Print out this Black & Wiliam article that has proved popular with schools and teachers through the United Kingdom.
   Inside the Black Box (14 pages)
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