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MOVIE 1:   7 minutes 7 seconds
Authentic Assessment

One argument for using design tasks is they are not so teacher-centered because the teacher need not be the primary judge of students' work. If a model parachute drops like a rock, if a clay boat sinks, if a cardboard chair or paper bridge collapses under its required load - then nature has judged the design as not adequate, not the teacher. Design tasks can help a classroom be more learner-centered in an authentic way.

In the beginning of Movie 1, professors Woodie Flowers (MIT) and Gary Benenson (CCNY) make different cases for changing the culture of learning by revamping the way students' work gets assessed. Using different reasons, both suggest using people external to the classroom to give feedback and help with assessment. At MIT, engineering design students "publish" their projects on the Internet and give presentations to sets of visiting judges.

Tech Ed teacher Ed Goldman uses a similar approach. His students' final presentations of their Cardboard Chairs were attended by the people shown in the second part of MOVIE 1. You can hear them talk about questions they asked the Brooklyn Tech students and what they saw and heard. Which criteria did these evaluators focus on in the students' work? Which questions seemed to have the best chance to reveal students understanding?

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