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About DITC

The Design In The Classroom project has been developed at Georgia Institute of Technology, with funding from the National Science Foundation (99-86854), as well as additional monies from Georgia Tech's College of Computing.
I am the project's Principal Investigator, Dr. David Crismond, and now work at the School of Education at the City College of New York as an Associate Professor of Elementary Science/Engineering Education.
Please contact me with any questions or problems related to the DITC materials via email, regular mail or over the phone. David Crismond
School of Education - City College, CUNY
150 Convent Avenue NAC 6/207b
New York, NY 10031
DITC Flyer - Click here to get a Adobe Acrobat version of DITC's latest info flier
DITC Advisory Board

In August 2000, the DITC Advisory Board met at Georgia Tech's campus in Atlanta, GA.
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People of DITC:

Video Analysts

  • Frank Wang
  • Ghang Lee
  • James Gaythwaite


  • Harl Duffey
  • Terry Bennett
  • Brandon Beck
  • Anita Satyaprakas
  • Ben Gonzalez
  • Tara Ma
  • Mike Kahlus
  • Russel Clark
  • Dung Nguyen

Research Assistants

  • Cornell Gayle
  • Robert Gant

Video Production

  • Bryan Kelly
  • Jeremiah Adams
  • Adaoha Culmer
  • Matthias Shapiro

Graphic Design

  • Virginia Lepley

Teacher Educators

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